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Company Data


NAICS: 236118,

Certifications: OSHA, LRRP, Building Science, BPI, BEP certification, Section 3 certification, SAM

Employees certified: OSHA 10-30, LRRP, and NCCER

Past Performance

For 40 years our President has been involved in the building industry.  She has renovated more than 80 homes, worked with investors from condominium conversions, to distressed property upgrades. Understanding that community development involves more than rehabbing a home our President has guided us into working with the people from the neighborhoods we work in, to ensure everyone that wants to has a hand in ensuring that these properties are well maintained and cared for.

We have partner with several Non Profits to train more than 125 people in the proper way to rehab, remodel, and do energy retrofits to existing homes. Those opportunities afforded us the ability to see where we can enhance and build upon the knowledge that these trade professionals have and continue to work with them to produce quality and energy efficient homes for new and existing homeowners.

Our ability to work within the residential community and work with sub contractors on commercial properties gives us a wide array of skill sets that places us in a position to build community pride and wealth in blighted sections of the City and hopefully across the nation.  


Our ability to work directly with investors, architects, builders, developers and stake holders in the process of completing the project. Recognizing our vested interest in the success of the project.

Our Team is based upon 4 things we value wealth consciousness, education, integrity, and healthy home remodeling and construction best practices.

Our inventory control facility houses approximately $65,000.00 worth of supplies and equipment.

Our strategic partnerships with wealth conscious stake holders and the training we provide to our team on the vision of building and generating wealth through those partnerships.

Core Competencies
Our ability to form strategic partnerships

Certification with recognized agencies

Partnerships with Testing Facilities

Trained Instructors and Project Managers

Sub Contractor Partnerships

Prime Contractor Partnerships

Hired and put to work more than 45 of Urban Weatherization Initiative trainees offering them the ability to expand and receive some on the job training that was missing through the State Funded Program.

•  Residential Remodeling Projects

Residential Maintenance and Repair Projects 

Commercial Build Outs

Our ability to train and develop those individuals others find difficult to help