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                     About Taj Development Co Inc
                                                    Core Values
  • Integrity: Keep our word, deliver on all promises, and remain truthful to our customer. If it can be done do it -if it can’t don’t promise it. Being a cohesive team and of Good Character at every level.

  • Care: Always consider how each person feels and thinks, never taking for granted the blessing of each individual.
  •  Accountability:  We understand that you are your sisters (brothers) keeper and if one of us fail we all fail. We are 100% responsible for each and every project we commit to as a team.
  • Respect: Your ideas, opinions and feelings matter and they will always be considered before after and during. 
  •  Education:  Seek out knowledge that will benefit and serve our customer. Remain astute within our industry and educate our clients with the best innovations.
  • Focus: We will remain in tune with our priorities and never get distracted by outside noise and entities, systematically refreshing our goals and objectives regularly to remain committed and in tune with our customers and team.
  •  Communication:  Understanding that for the best possible project communication is the key. We will speak openly and honestly, Understanding that the best of news can be over shadowed by the worst of news. Leaving nothing to chance information must and will be shared across all infrastructures. Listening decisively and responding quickly without judgments or delay where possible.
                                                Customer Promises
  • These promises are all inclusive as our customer includes employees, clients, suppliers, vendors, and creditors to be given the same promise.
  • 1.Professionalism will occur at all stages from intake to project completion.
  • 2.A written quote shall be given with a scope of work outlining exactly what will be performed and how.
  • 3.Quality material and services will be provided in keeping with industry standards and local regulations. Ensuring that our customers understand that quality and cheap does not work together.
  • 4.All craftsmen and workers will be trained to deal with customer issues as they come up on the job-site.
  • 5.Projects will be completed within the timelines specified in contract. Any delay shall be promptly reported, noted and explained as to why we aren’t able to full fill our promise.
  • 6.Customers will be made aware of all company policies as they relate to their project:
                                a.employee conduct
                                b.chain of command - field workers, supervisors,
                                c.conflict Resolution Procedure
                                d. pre and post project walk-through, customer phone follow-up to insure job                                     satisfaction
                                e.One year work guarantee on all home remodeling projects.
  • 7. Quality craftsmanship is our highest standard
  • 8. Quality Control Assurance